2020 – again and again

With respect to our brave Belarusin friends, again and again.

This should not be presumptuous, but we are deeply touched by the situation in Belarus, today in September 2021 even more. We are afraid that this may take a very long time. The analogy between birds and people is so obvious. You can achieve almost nothing on your own, you are strong together. The audio thanks to Todor Todoroff. …is an artistic version.

Titel: again and again
00:41 min, digital video, short film | Writer, Director, Photographer, Editor: Lutz P. Kayser Sounddesign / Music: Todor Todoroff, Brussels ; Producer: Lutz P. Kayser; Production Company: LUTZ P. KAYSER FILM FOTOGRAFIE, Belchenstr. 2, D – 79669 Zell im Wiesental
Film type: Shortfilm, Documentary, Experimental; Genre: Politics, Art, Independent Special topic: Brave Belarusian people | Produced in Germany and Belgium

Completion date: September 2020