Belarus 2020

This should not be presumptuous, but we are deeply touched by the situation in Belarus. We are afraid that this may take a very long time. The analogy between birds and people is so obvious. You can achieve almost nothing on your own, you are … Continue readingBelarus 2020

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Official Selection of the 2021 PBS Guam/GIFF Select Showcase

I am very happy about the invitation beeing part in the program in spring or summer 2021 at the local TV-Station PBS Guam. Thanks to a very friendly agreement once more with the music publisher I am very happy to be able to participate.

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Immersive Installation

Auf der Suche nach Partnern, wie Museen oder Kunsthäusern, um meine immersive Installation zu präsentieren / Looking for partners, like Museums or Art Galleries, to present my immersive installation.

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