SCINEMA International Science Film Festival, Australia

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Thx so much to SCINEMA International Science Film Festival

SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere. Organized by The Royal Institution of Australia, Adelaide.

SCINEMA International Film Festival will take place in June 2021 with screenings (COVID-19 restrictions permitting). This will be followed by the community program, giving community groups, schools and other organisations the chance to host their own SCINEMA screening during National Science Week in August 2021. In 2020 over 3000 people hosted at home screenings as part of the community program to an audience of over 97,000.

Dear Lutz,

Congratulations, your film has been selected to be shown as part of SCINEMA International Science Film Festival 2021.

Judging for the winning films is still under consideration and we hope to be able to inform winning entries within the next few weeks.   Please send us a copy of your film and any media photos that may be useful to the format we would like to receive are Full HD 1920 x 1080 compressed to H264 format at a bit rate of 16 MB/S

By sending the film you agree to;

See your film as part of the National Science Week Community Screenings – For the whole month of August 2021.  All participants must register and the films sit behind a password, the films can only be viewed on our platform and cannot be accessed or downloaded in any other way.   Your film would be removed from our platform on 1st Sept 2021.  

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I very much look forward to hearing from you,


Katherine Roberts
Executive Producer
The Royal Institution of Australia